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Wayne Chow's TSOMOV

Question: What does "TSOMOV" stand for?
Now, that's a good question, and also one I cannot provide an answer to. But I do know three things --
  • It is written by Wayne Chow, who kindly allowed me to
    put it here.
  • It is brilliant, and sometimes really funny.
  • It is impossible, by means of any inanimate agency, to
    derive mechanical work from any portion of matter by
    cooling it below the lowest temperature of its

    Umm, WHAT?? Where did that come from? Erm, let's ignore this chemistry relapse of mine, and get back to business...

    Unfortunately, Wayne didn't write these "TSOMOV" for all The X-Files' episodes, mostly for 4th season's episodes, and for a few others. So I will organise them in 2 lists.
    Anyway, after this opening, and without further ado, here goes:

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