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As we all know, without Mulder & Scully, there's no "The X-Files", and if Chris Carter ever decides to kill one of them [*gasp*, NO!], the show will exist no more. But all those wonderful and also those hateful characters the duo chases, are not to be forgotten.

We are gathered here today, to pay some respect to those characters in the form of 2 lists:

Love 'em - My favourites.
Hate 'em - My least favourites.

The characters in each list are not organized in any particular order.
Oh, one final note:

means - Character deceased...


My Most Favourite Side Characters

Margaret Scully Mrs. Scully is one of the warmest characters The X-Files has to offer. She cares deeply about her daughter and her daughter's life. We usually see Mrs. Scully worrying about Dana, or sitting at her bed-side. In "Wetwired", the minute she hears Mulder's voice, she asks him what's happened, she knows he wouldn't have called her otherwise. Did I mention
she's a bit psychic? Plenty of evidence for that in "Ascension". Oh, also, she's the only one, besides his mother and Samantha, Mulder allows to call him Fox.

Eugene Tooms Oooooh, chills go up and down my spine as I recall the squeaks of the screws Eugene Tooms loosened in Mulder's apartment ("Tooms"). Nahhh, I'm all goose bumps recalling both "Squeeze" and "Tooms". Eugene Victor Tooms, the human mutant who ripped the livers off his victims in order to live. And live and live. Yes, he is a killer, but I liked him. Such a nice guy; working as an animal control officer (so he can lick his fingers after touching dead
animals... brrrr), living with an elderly couple ("I'm sure you can squeeze in"). Too bad he had to end up being squashed by the escalator in 66 Exeter st, that means he won't be back...

Mr. Nutt Mr. Nutt was my favourite person-of-
-management. He's very politically correct, making sure no one puts him down for his height. His grumpiness throughout the episode (well, till he dies, anyway), was so
hilarious, I was constantly smiling during his scenes. Mr. Nutt: I've taken in your all-American features, your dour demeanour, your

unimaginative necktie design, and concluded you work for the
government. An FBI agent. But do you see the tragedy here? I have
mistakenly reduced you to a stereotype. A caricature. Instead of
regarding you as a specific, unique individual.
Mulder: But I am an FBI agent.
Mr. Nutt: *grunt*

Frohike First of all, let me just say that Frohike is my favourite side character, so I may be a bit biased, writing about him.
He's the least poker-faced of The Lone Gunmen, as hugging Mulder after his return in "Paper Clip" showed, and I certainly cannot forget the miserable little man with the bow tie, waiting impatiently outside of Scully's hospital room in "One Breath".
Frohike's been enamoured with Scully ever since the first time he met her. He knows he doesn't have a chance with his love object, but he still keeps trying.
Frohike: So, Mulder, where's your little partner?
Mulder: She wouldn't come. She's afraid of her love for you.
Frohike: She's tasty.
Mulder: You know, Frohike, it's men like you that give perversion a bad name.

(From "Blood").

Kristen Killar I'm afraid I don't have much to say about her, only that I think she was a very moving character. Throughout the episode "3", we can see her torn between her will to live forever and the will to be saved. I was particularly touched by the scene in the end, when she burns herself. She was so tormented and aching, I could feel it through the glass
screen. Combine this with Mulder's pain about his missing partner, and you walk out of this episode having a serious case of the blues. The seducing scenes in Club Tepes (great name, by the way) and in the bathroom with the razor were excellent. I liked Kristen. Apparently, so did Mulder.

Clyde Bruckman Clyde Bruckman is, in my opinion, one of the most empathy arousing side characters ever to appear on The X-Files (hehe, maybe because most of the side characters are mutants/serial killers/vampires of all sorts etc...). Clyde Bruckman is the sweet, kind insurance salesman, who had been cursed with a talent for foreseeing people's deaths. And let's face it, who wouldn't wanna know how he/she dies? Even Scully gives in to her curiosity; "Alright, so how *do* I die?".
But he also knows how he, himself, is gonna end up, which makes this knack of his even more tragic, and also gives us one of The X-Files' more touching ending scenes ever, as Scully's holding Clyde's hand ever so gently - his prophecy came true in the most unpredictable of ways. Throughout all of "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose", Clyde's got this agonised look on his face, but he also maintains his sense of humour (after all, this *is* a Darin Morgan episode...), like telling us Mulder's gonna find his end by auto-erotic asphyxiation, of all ways. In my opinion, the funniest line by Clyde Bruckman is to Mulder, after the latter showed him his badge: "You expect me to believe that's a real name?"...

Agent Pendrell I'd have to assume that Pendrell's first name is Agent, because he was not given one. Even Scully didn't know his first name, and apparently, from "Max", he wasn't just another lab-guy for her. She wasn't just another FBI agent for Agent Pendrell either, that's for sure. I just loved to see his eyes wear that
dreamy look, as they're following Scully's figure, walking out of the lab. I wonder, was Scully even aware of Pendrell's adoring her? Because Mulder sure was, as seen in "Teliko"
Pendrell: Shouldn't we wait for agent Scully?
Mulder: She can't come. She's got a date...
Pendrell [ever so disappointed]
Mulder: ...with a dead guy.
Every time Scully went into the lab, Perndrell's eyes lit, and he was so goofily excited to have her there, even if it's only to ask him to check or do something for her - something that, no doubt, he would do. In "Tempus Fugit", he was so adorable, as the drunken Pendrell dares to ask agent Scully for a drink, and when seeing she's with someone, he also buys her 'date' a drink! But killing him in "Max" was cruel, and Scully was feeling rather guilty for it, as Pendrell took the bullet instead of her. Not only guilt, but also gratitude, and appreciation, for the little man, who will not be commemorated, but is important none-the-less.

Robert Modell Pusher was one of the cruellest villains presented on The X-Files, in my opinion. But this vicious mind-controller really got to me, and that is why I've included him in this list and not the other. He'd found the best
way to commit the perfect murder, and not even be there. True, he had to be seriously ill to be able to do that, but I didn't see him complaining. On the contrary. He looked quite pleased and smug, saying: "Bet you 5 bucks I get off". If I were Mulder, I'd smack Modell right then and there. Pusher was so calm and he spoke quietly his enchanting words, even Mulder, the worthy opponent - had failed. Well, almost.
A lot has been said about the excellent scene in the hospital, the mind-battle, in which Mulder won [Or maybe I should say - Scully], so I won't write about that.
In the end, I came out feeling sorry for Modell, not hating him. I can't say that I liked this villain, but I sure was enchanted by him.

Well-Manicured Man Yet another member of the infamous consortium, with a three-word-name. It's OK, we're used to it (must be a standard regulation, in order to become a member).
Although the WMM is one of the bad guys, I like him.
He's distinguished, he looks very pleasant to me. I'd also give him credit for 3 things:

  • It seems to me he doesn't like CancerMan very much.
    He even reprimanded him in front of all his other dark consortium pals for being late
    (in "Apocrypha").
  • He did try to warn Scully in "The Blessing Way".
    In the movie "Fight The Future", the Well-Manicured Man has proved to be what I thought he was ever since the beginning. He helped Mulder out and told him Scully's location. I was taken aback by the car's explosion, as I hadn't foreseen THAT happen, and I am sorry for this man, because ever since the 4th season, he seemed to be going somewhat against the big conspiracy.

    Deep Throat Oh, Deep Throat, Deep Throat. Why did you have to die? When I first saw this character, I don't know, I wasn't really taken by him. He was too mysterious, too powerful. Only afterwards did I
    understand that *that* was the magic of this character. After he died, Deep Throat made a few appearances in various episodes, in which we learned some more about this somewhat puzzling character, that is also very human and sad (mainly, that he's called "Ronald"). Scenes in "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man", and even scenes from season 1 (he met Mulder at night in Washington DC, and someone took a picture. Deep Throat was really edgy about that, even though it was only a tourist - from ""E.B.E") made him much more likable to me.

    My Least Favourite Side Characters

    Virgil Incanto The fat-sucking human monster who preyed on the deepest insecurities of lonely and large women. Incanto is one of my most despised creatures to appear on The X-Files. He's so calm and I'd dare even say vampire-like, as
    he's sucking the fat out of his victims' bodies. The horrible thing about him is not even the actual sucking (which, in itself is not a pretty sight at all), but Incanto's looking through the internet specifically for shy women, with no self-esteem. Those women, whom I thought were presented as pitiful and pathetic creatures, looking for Mr. Right in the Internet Chat-Rooms, believed they're cyber-speaking to a gentle, caring guy. Little did they know.

    Dr. Bambi Birenbaum The beautiful entomologist, whom Mulder became quite interested in. Alas, she prefers older scientists who build bug-shaped robots, such as Dr. Ivanov. Mulder even hung the
    phone on Scully for Dr. Bambi. Twice. Nope, I didn't like the 'smart is sexy' Doctor. Too arrogant for yours truly. Besides, anyone who gets that excited about bugs (cockroaches in particular), is not my cop of tea.

    Irritating mom & neighbour If the casting people on the show had brought this actress to be as annoying and irritating as possible, they've chosen the right person. In both episodes, she
    portrays a mom, who's too sweet and nice, the sugar is spilled from the screen, and personally, I couldn't wait for her to be murdered (as viciously as possible). Too bad she wasn't in "Irresistible". She's the kind of neighbour one doesn't want, but always ends up living next door to.

    Queequeg Cruel as it may, but I'm glad the thing was eaten by an alligator (or maybe it was Big Blue?). I don't know why Scully took the little monster in the first place. Ever since I saw him in Clyde Bruckman's vision, munching on his previous owner, I knew it meant trouble. We later see Queequeg in "War Of The Coprophages", being washed by Scully, then running around, wet, in her living room. In my humble opinion, turning Queequeg into alligator-food was one of the smartest moves made. I'd like to include a quote by Dana Scully: "Qheequeg! Quee... Que...".

    Mr. X No. Mr. X is definitely not a likable character. First of all, he works for CancerMan, which automatically writes him off my christmas cards list. Second of all, when he did help Mulder, it was done in a way, that only makes me wonder why Mulder even bothered... One thing he does well, though, is fighting. What can I say? The man can punch. Mostly Mulder.
    Usually, when they fought, it was pretty easy to know who'll need that ice-bag. And it's not Mr. X, let me tell you that. He should be given some credit though. After all, he *did* save Mulder from that train in "731". On the other hand, we've seen him being so cruel ("Soft Light" comes to mind). I don't like him, and neither does Mulder, apparently. After "Soft Light", Mulder doesn't contact Mr. X up until "Wetwired", when he was so desperate to find Scully.
    * Addendum #1 - I take it back. It's not nice to talk of the dead in such a way... But (in a very little voice) I sure am glad he bit the dust. Mulder'll just have to find someone else to smack.
    * Addendum #2 - Apparently Mulder has found someone else to smack. Check out "Tunguska" for some Krycek-punching. And speaking of which --

    Alex Krycek Krycek wasn't nicknamed Ratboy by experienced X-Philes for nothing, you know. This 2-faced-back-stabbing agent did everything in his power to make the viewers detest him, and he deserves whatever the burning minds of The X-Files' writing staff destine for him.
    I received an e-mail from Catherine, a loyal Ratnick, whose words had made me look closer at Krycek, and... ARGHHHHHHH... Alright!! I take some things back!!
    Alright, I did feel a bit sorry for him in "Apocrypha"), as the alien was oozing out of him. Yes, that scene is one of the more horrific ones in the show's history.
    He's changed a lot from the early days of season 2, in which he was a green, eager to please agent. It doesn't seem that he reports to anyone these days. Maybe to some Russian group he's apparently in touch with since his joyful days in "Tunguska" and "Terma". Apparently he had some sort of an affair with Marita Covarrubias, but that's long gone now - if it was up to her, she'd leave him in Tunisia to rot. I guess she finds the Smoking Man worse than Kryceck, cause she quickly teams up with Ratboy to kill the old man. Oh well, I never liked Marita much either..
    Back to Krycek. Mulder can't even look at him without having some sort of an allergic reaction - it manifests itself in the form of violence, of course.. - but somehow Krycek seems to always get his way. Come to think of it, he's connected to many of the damage that was done to Mulder and his surroundings (directly or indirectly), so there's no wonder why Mulder's experiencing that reaction. Heck, Krycek makes me feel pretty much the same...

    Mrs. Teena Mulder What can I say? Mrs. Mulder is not one of my favourites. Since I can detect some brow-raising, I'll explain. First of all, we know she and CancerMan were more than just acquaintances. It seems she can't stand to be near him any longer ("Talitha Cumi") and I'll give her credit for that, but that's not enough. Since I, as a viewer, sympathise with the main characters, like her son, I resent her for willing
    to give him up to the Consortium. True, her life wasn't easy at all, but she's so cold and emotionless and detached ("Demons"), it makes it even harder for me to relate to her. Even though she killed herself in "Sein und Zeit", she still haunted her son afterwards. She left without an explanation as to why she did it, and even called "Fox" a few days before. It's heart-breaking to see him listening to her last message on his machine. I don't think she wanted her son to be left wondering forever what had happened (although that ridiculous answer they gave us in "Closure" seems to stop his wondering...), but that doesn't make her more likeable.

    John Lee Roche I debated with myself which category I should add this guy to, and decided that it's one of my most hated villains. The reason is that Tom Noonan played Roche so cold-bloodedly, it made my own blood chill.
    Roche, the child kidnapper and molester is presented as a cool, quiet, highly intelligent man. You'd hardly think this self-controlled human being is such a monster. He toys with Mulder's emotions in a cruel and harsh way, and hits where it hurts him the most: Samantha. In the interrogation scene, when Roche says he's looking forward to seeing Mulder's face, as he sees his sister's buried body, Roche reveals the gleam of evil and wickedness in his eye, and only Scully's intervention breaks the horrible spell of the moment. It didn't help much, though, cause Mulder, as in so many other occasions, took action without giving much thought to the consequences.

    Jeffrey Spender Ach! This character is so contemptible!
    Even though in "One Son" he tries to do the right thing, he still comes out simply as a worm. I felt Spender was really dispensable ever since he first appeared in "Patient X". There was a strange alliance between him and Kryceck during Spender's last days, but unlike Spender, I will give Kryceck the credit of being SMART!! Which is not something I can say about the worm. The only thing he's got going for him is being Cancerman's son. Besides that he's
    "insulting [Mulder] when [he] should be taking notes". Still, I felt for Spender when Cancerman coldly said that he pales to Fox Mulder. What a painful thing to hear from your father.

    Diana Fowley I knew that given the time and opportunity, Diana Fowley will stab Mulder in the back in full force. Oh, that and some significant side-glances. Actually, I liked what she brought to the story. As opposed to Spender, she's smart, and she knows how to manipulate things (especially gullible Mulder) for her own benefit. Poor Scully. That scene in "The End", where she sees them in the hospital hallway and walks away unnoticed is just sad to watch.
    I wonder how come she had such influence over Mulder, but that wasn't enough, even with all the seductiveness of "One Son" and especially of "The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati". Still, she tried to redeem herself at the end, anonymously sending Scully the book and the key to where Mulder was held.
    Nah, that's not enough.

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