"And while we've chosen now our monolithic and benevolent Gods 
and found our certainties in science - believers all - we wait 
for a sign, a revelation. Our eyes turn skyward ready to accept 
the truly incredible. To find our destiny written in the stars. 
But how do we best look to see? With new eyes or old?"

In that grand Chris Carter tradition we are thwapped on the head 
by a voice over. Gee, just what could that mean... new eyes or 
old... What I really want to know is do you think it might be 
possible just once to have Agents Frick and Frack believe the 
same thing at the same time? I can just hear them jockeying for 
position. "I *always* have to be the skeptic except maybe once 
a year. You do it this week. Somebody has to. We just can't 
agree, can we?" Apparently not. Despite the fact that I found 
this episode to be interesting in that odd, exciting, and 
confusing way that has become the trademark of the mytharc the 
past few years, I found its take on Mulder to be disturbing. With
the exception of the Scully subplot most of the episode seemed to 
be a slick looking whirlwind of scraps of miscellaneous information 
tossed about with abandon as we near the home stretch for the movie.

This episode was like doing math from the mytharc standpoint. It 
is starting to look like Carter and Spotnitz are going to try to 
throw the whole thing on its ear by making it that Scully was 
abducted by aliens after all. Ain't that a corker. I'll admit I 
never saw that coming. If it were the consortium that put the chip 
in her neck in the first place it certainly does not make sense
to me that the Russian lemmings would have the same thing. Plus, 
once again, she is recognized by another abductee. Geez, Scully 
must have just been the life of the party during her little 
disappearance as everyone that met her there just adores her 
while she remembers nothing. In other highlights we find out that 
Marita even double crosses double crossers, that Krycek thinks he 
can rule the world with his evil oilien plan, that the Russians 
have a vaccine that works and we don't, that the consortium has 
learned that even though they thought the date was set it has been 
substantially moved up, that the Mighty Morphin Bounty Hunter has 
a twin whose face has closed up on him, that we may be gearing up 
for some sort of alien race civil war, and that the colonists
apparently control the moves of the consortium to some extent.

So, in this installment it becomes even more apparent that Mulder 
fell for Kritschgau's tale hook, line, and sinker. Personally, 
I've never understood how this makes sense for his character, but 
that is the premise the show is now operating on - that Mulder 
thinks he has had his head up his "rear-end" for five years. Funny, 
I thought he needed to pull his head out of his ass this episode. 
It's much more believable to me to see Scully question her beliefs 
after her five years of experience than to have Mulder being so
stridently reset in this manner. It's not that he is questioning 
his beliefs, which would make more sense, it is that he has issued 
a blanket rejection that I find so utterly unbelievable. At least 
he still has his vampires and conspiracy theories to keep him warm 
at night.

Mulder was at his most annoying in regards to Scully here. He 
basically badgers her on Skyland Mountain then turns and leaves 
and in one of his biggest all time insensitive moves (harkening 
back to his FAX days in "Nisei") picks up the phone and *ignores* 
Scully after she makes an obviously difficult and emotional 
assertion concerning her abduction. I bet she wishes she could 
take back "You've come a long way Mulder" after that. You 
certainly can't blame her for leaving - it made me want to hurl 
too. While Mulder flounders Scully is dealing with some very 
interesting issues and it is just the sort of stuff that Gillian 
Anderson excels at playing. She is the master of the internal 
struggle. Sometimes you get so much from her you don't even realize 
she doesn't have any lines in a scene. I think my favorite moment 
was when she told us everything we needed to know about what has 
been happening to Scully while deflecting a question with "That's 
not why I'm here." The scenes between Veronica Cartwright (Cassandra 
Spender) and Anderson were especially good, and I was surprised to 
find myself so impressed with Cartwright's work as in the past I 
have usually found myself annoyed with her acting choices.

It was these intriguing events surrounding Scully's abduction that 
saved "Patient X" for me. The cliffhanger, staged on that great 
looking bridge with a rather interesting bunch of characters, was 
one of those great stylish X-Files "Oh wow" moments.

Random Musings
-I know, I know the magical, mystical fingerprint constellation 
was Cassiopeia, but I think they should have drawn a big old 
lizard alien around it in the teaser. Just a theory I'm working 

-What in the world were those parental advisories about? Though 
I can see how Marita kissing like that could be construed as 
obscene. It certainly scared me.

-Those UN special forces troops certainly are crackerjack. One 
doofus was running around holding his machine gun by the muzzle 
pointed at the guy next to him. Keep him away from scissors.

-But can she say "bee husbandry" in Russian? That's the only 
thing I want to know. Well, at least chances are looking good 
that Marita has the black cancer, and no vaccine beforehand. 
Oh. Too bad.

-Speaking of the Uniblonder, in "Herrenvolk" it is made clear 
that she is the *Assistant* to the SRSG, but here she is waltzing 
around that part of the Former Soviet Union that you always want 
to have when playing Risk claiming she is the SRSG. Continuity 
error or promotion? I have my ideas...

-Frank's Fashion Spot: If you must be compelled out of bed to 
gaze at the stars you might as well look good. Scully always has 
the nicest silk jammies. She obviously likes to treat herself.

-I find it curious while in the past almost all the abductees 
related to Scully's case were female almost all the names of 
the dead on Skyland Mountain were men.

-I just can't wait for the latest round of denials from RatBoy 
lovers about how he really didn't beat an innocent kid, infect 
him with oilien, and sew his face shut. Proof positive Krycek 
is evil - he was rutting up against Marita.

-I wonder what newspaper Cassandra read that went into such 
detail about the Duane Barry episode, right down to what Mulder 

-Boy those implants suck. Take them out you get brain cancer, 
leave them in you are lemming flambe'.

-Speaking of, it seems Scully's speech to Cassandra about better 
living through computer chips means she now falls on the side of 
the implant rather than faith as to what saved her.

-Now, we've got a name for that pointy alien weapon (the plam) 
does that mean we should call these new torching devices a "flam"?

-One of the names on the list of Skyland Mountain dead shares the 
same surname as Krycek when he was over in Russia - Arntzen.

-I knew we'd have a "Heaven's Gate" cult moment at some point on 
the show. I am curious as to why Agent Spender said all the people 
were in a cult but Mulder's random three were not. Cassandra's 
whole take on abduction as the path to spiritual enlightenment was 
interesting. The look on Scully's face when she said she wanted to 
go was priceless.

-So is Mulder a regular speaker on the spooky circuit? It seemed 
a little odd him showing up there when he no longer believes.

-I was glad to see they even used the same bit actors for the 
Tunguska gulag folks. That was a nice bit of continuity.

-I find it pretty funny that everyone seems convinced for some 
reason that Mulder is the only person who can do something to 
solve this big aliens and conspiracy mess. He hasn't been able 
to do anything for five years except lose evidence and get beat 
up over it so what is going to change now?

-"I'd like to build a reputation here, not be given one." 
"I think I understand." 
Oh really Mrs. Spooky?

"Well, I guess I'm done here. You seem to have invalidated your 
own work. Have a nice life."

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