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Mulder and Scully Isms

            They are rare, they are scarce, but when they
                do make an appearance, they brighten up
            the TV screen. I present you with:

Yup, such list needed to be made (really?), and I've decided I'm deranged enough.
In the beginning it was a bit hard to recall of enough episodes in which we had a chance to see Dana Scully really smile, but as the years pass, we were lucky enough to witness quite a few.
I wanted to mention events in which I was caught off guard, so not every smile is in here.
All the pictures on this site were taken from The X Smiles -- The Ultimate Smile Archive - a truly wonderful site where I had found out that I am not alone...

~~ Alright, let's begin with the countdown. ~~

"The Pilot" starts the list. Scully's smilling quite a lot in this episode, but it got into this list for that scene in the cemetery, in which Scully laughs for the first time, an event which won't happen again for a long long time after. Yes, folks, she *can* laugh when she sets her mind to it, and you don't have to tune in to Leno to see that happening.
As I said, Mulder and Scully are in the cemetery, staring into an open, empty grave, when Mulder realizes he knows who's behind all those abductions. He starts tossing around his theories, to which, mind you, Scully is not used yet...
So when all means to reason with the wet (this scene takes place in a pouring rain) man in front of her are exhausted, Scully just can't help herself, and she bursts in helpless laughter. This scene's atmosphere is kinda crazy, and Scully's almost hysteric laugh fits in pretty well.

The Pilot

Small Potatoes
I thought "Small Potatoes" was one of the funniest episodes, and as such, it's bound to have an entry in this list. So, since it's friday night, Scully is, of course, working. She has to finish her monograph for Penology Review on diminished Acetylcholine production in recidivist offenders. Luckily, her plans are being altered when Faux-Mulder comes in with a bottle of wine. So, after a few glasses, Scully tells him the story about the twelfth grade love of her life, then laughs and says, embarrassed: "I can't believe I'm telling you that".


I picked "The Jersey Devil" as #15. Scully had to do some smilin' for her first date in the history of The X-Files (the one she had apparently blocked out, or so it seems from "Never Again", as she told Ed that she hasn't been on a date since "Glengarry Glen Ross"). She met this nice-looking guy called Rob, who apparently she liked, so there were some flirting smiles throughout the episode. Nothing to write home about, though.

Jersey Devil

Darkness Falls
In "Darkness Falls", just before the little trip to the forest, there's this small moment in which Scully smiles to one of Mulder's jokes. He does his usual slide show, and they're looking at the missing group of loggers -
Scully: "Right, but what am I looking for?"
Mulder: "Anything strange, unexplainable, unlikely... boyfriend?"
Ladies and gentelmen, she smiles [personally, I don't find it all that funny, but, well, fine, whatever].


After having many people telling me to put this one, I reconsidered, and am adding "Bad Blood". And they were right - Scully did a lot of wide smiling in this episode, especially when meeting Sheriff Lucious "HooBoy" Hartwell. Of course, *not* in her own version of the story...

Bad Blood

The Erlenmeyet Flask
One of the best scenes in "The Erlenmeyer Flask" has the duo in front of the "Zeus" warehouse. It's a lovely moment of bonding between the two, in which Scully confesses that she was wrong, and gives credit to Mulder. She says: "I should have known by now to trust your instincts", and he replies: "Why? Nobody else does." She smiles at that comment, because it is true, and she herself constantly argues with him. A very lovely moment.


By "Deep Throat" Scully probably still hasn't realized how numbered her smiling days are, so she allows herself a bit of those. But just a bit, this is Dana Scully, mind you.
So, after having an early breakfast with the 2 teenagers, and also watching Mulder play his imaginary guitar, Scully can't help it and starts with:
Scully: You believe it all, don't you?
Mulder: Why wouldn't I?
[cue in big smile across Scully's face, then --]
Scully: Mulder, did you see their eyes? If I were that stoned I...
Mulder: Ho-hoo. If you were that stoned, what?

Deep Throat

One wouldn't expect to see the fearless G-woman smiling in a mythology episode. But she does so in "Piper Maru", and she does it big time! Scully and Mulder are in the basement office, discussing the black oil found on the diver's suit. Mulder's saying that the substance is used as a medium for the alien to transfer from host to host. Wild, yet true. Scully can't help herself, and she starts laughing (yes! laughing!), which draws Mulder to join her. Definitely a great moment.


"The Host" takes place during not a very happy time for our heroes. The X-Files division has been shut down, and Scully was reassigned to teach in Quantico - the FBI academy. So what has she got to smile about, one might ask. Well, Mulder got Scully to do the autopsy on the dead guy that was found in the sewers of Newark, New-Jersey (no, that's not the funny part), in which she found the fluke worm. She calls Mulder up, and tells him to come over (to
The Host
Quantico), and she shows him that horrific fluke inside the glass jar. Mulder wonders how big can this thing get,
to which - wait, let me sit down - Scully laughs. She answers to Mulder's confused look (after all, a laughing Scully
is not an everyday sight, so the man's got the right to be confused) -- "Sorry, for a minute there, it felt like old times".
The intense atmosphere in Scully's Quantico office suddenly becames lighter. It was really nice to see both agents
having some fun, in the midst of the bad times they were going through.

This one belongs to the 'Took me by surprise' category, and it's in the episode "Aubrey". I was happily watching this episode, and (I was even happier after) the following dialogue took place:
Mulder: You mean a hunch?
Scully: Yeah, something like that.
Mulder: Well, that's a pretty extreme hunch.
Scully: I seem to recall you having some pretty extreme hunches.
Mulder: I never have!
And she smiles at that. Really smiles!


The next one almost eluded my memory (and thank you, Vered, for reminding me of it).
It's from "Space". After the NASA mission control people manage to land the shuttle successfully. Everybody's very happy and excited - even Scully. So, even though she now knows that smiling is prohibited, she smiles genuinely and broadly.


"Arcadia" is like a Fanfiction - there are quite a few that have Mulder & Scully going undercover as a married couple. As they go to live in The Falls of Arcadia, they have to look like a normal happy couple - probably says so in the CC&Rs...
So as a normal happy wife, Scully - I'm sorry, Laura Petrie - smiles a lot, even gives Mulder an air-kiss. Actually, after all the fun and the happy faces Scully makes, could it be that I start missing her stern self?


Post Modern Prometheus
2 episodes share the prestigious 5th place - "Post Modern Prometheus" and "Millennium". Both episodes end in a way that leaves an old shipper with a fuzzy feeling and a big smile. Both episodes end with Mulder & Scully doing things that could once be considered as a federal offence. Both end scenes have Scully smiling, she's happy.


The Unnatural
The final scene of "The Unnatural" is unforgettable. Mulder gives Scully a very special very early or very late birthday present. True, it's not nicely wrapped, but it's lovely none-the-less. They bat baseballs together, and it's obvious Scully's having a good time, because of the unmistakable sound of her laugh.

"Hollywood A.D.". And it's the A.D. himself is the one bringing on this smile. The scene takes place after the premiere of Wayne Federman's quality film - "The Lazarus Bowl". Mulder's sitting miserably on the fake grave yard in the studio, and Scully's coming out to comfort him. She points out that they're alive, relatively young, and that Skinner was tickled by the movie. She adds, giggling, that he gave them a Bureau credit card to use for the evening. It's a great moment, and they keep laughing as they leave the studio, hand in hand.
Hollywood A.D.

This one definitely deserves a high place - "Three of a Kind" is the first episode in 6 seasons, in which Scully really laughs, whole-heartedly. Granted, her higher brain functions were impeded, but it was lovely to get a glimpse of a ditsy Scully... Not to mention the bar scene - it was great to see Scully as the center of all this male attention.

Three of a Kind

And the #1, the main man, the best smile of 'em all is the one from:

"End Game"

Actually, that's the reason I've composed this list... At the end of "End Game", Mulder is in a hospital in the Arctic, recuperating from being almost dead. Scully sits by his side for days, waiting for him to wake up. He finally does, and she smiles so widely, it literally brightens up the screen.


Yes, there are better smiles than this one, but I just remember watching that scene, and thinking: "There's something strange here, something's definitely different". And then I realized that it was so bizarre for me to see Scully smile...

If you pay attention, you'll see that the smiles that made it to the top of the list are from later seasons, and that they are more frequent. I'm glad someone in 1013 has given this agent reasons to smile a little more, she deserves it!!

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